Pine Island Airport
13350 Morningstar Lane, Bokeelia, Florida 33922     Lee County USA      
1FA3         678-495-8753 Cell    
Frequency 123.075        26 39' 29   82 07' 09     

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Airport For Sale
18.85 Acres of Prime Agricultural Land
2700' X 120' Grass Runway
Light Sport Friendly
Comfortable Security



Pine Island Airport has been called the Lee Islands best kept secret. Nested in the center of the northern end of Pine Island and surrounded by small farms of Palm Trees, Lychee Nut, Mangos and many other exotic and organic farms. Most of these exotic plants can only be grown where there is no frost.

Of course the island itself is surrounded by some of the best protected fishing areas for Tarpon, Red Fish, Snook, Grouper, Triple Tail and yes of course Dolphin, Turtle and Ray.

The airstrip runs east and west and is 2700' X 120' with a slight crown which keeps it high and dry in the worst storm. There are 10 tie downs at the west end of the hangars. Flying in is always a beautiful site. The temperatures are usually a little cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the inland due to the action of the water temperatures surrounding the island.

There are seven "T" hangars and we have zoning for 13 more. The airport is also zoned for a house and a barn in addition to the hangars. We plan to build these hangars and the barn by the end of the year. There is also an office in one of the corner sections of the hangars.

Currently there is a doublewide office / tenant home on the property. It is a 2 bedroom 2 bath with living room and den. It is really pretty roomy and comfortable.

Pine Island is a Boaters Paradise and when you fly over it you will think you have found heaven. The water is deep enough to boat and shallow enough to see the bottom in most cases which make for a very beautiful flight every time.  I have flown over it hundreds of times and still enjoy it.

Useppa Island is one of the nearby Islands just west of the airport. It is home to many of the rich and famous as we say and is a beautiful private club type island. A little slice of paradise. The grounds are outstanding with natural vegetation. You could go anywhere in the Caribbean but it is only a short boat ride from Pineland Marina. It's basically a private Island for members. If you are lucky enough to rent a house for a night. It's a very special place. It comes with a hefty price, but worth it. There are many islands that surround Pine Island and give it good protection from possible storms.

Matlacha from the North just east of the airport. Matlacha is the causeway over to Pine Island. It is known as a "Drinking little village with a fishing problem" The draw bridge has become a very popular fishing spot for local residents. It has been nicknamed "The fishingest bridge in the world".

Gateway to Pine Island Matlacha from the East looking over Pine Island. Matlacha is an Artsy area much like the Keys years ago.  The residents of Matlacha and Pine Island are friendly and there is always something going on. Groups like the Kiwanis, Moose, Elks, American Legion, Mariners and yes we even have a few hundred Hookers and they are proud Hookers. Ask anybody about our Hookers.  Even the Mariners support the Hookers on Pine Island.


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